Sunday, June 27, 2010

Texas Fun!

She's so good! Little Divas Designs!
Just sent her the pictures and told her to make it Texas style.


Some poppers might be dangerous for toddlers...opps!

Always up for anything fun!

Can't you tell?

Tube kissing with Lala

Mimi beared the heat with a bad knee :( And a long DRIVE to Oregon the next day.



The out door movie theatre
Candied Mom & Pop-corn!

Our lifeguard turned babysitter!

Drew was ready to go with Buzz in his lap. You can kinda see the 'Drew' on Buzz's foot. He insisted it be on there like Andy had his.
Party Poppers...not suitable for children under 12???? At least not for toddlers. :)
There goes my friends...but 'it was the most awesome party ever!'

Can my babies really be 4 and 5 years old? It doesn't feel that way. But it's been a while since I changed a diaper, nursed, fed them a bottle, made rice I guess it's so! These are fantastic ages! Tyler is learning to read, venturing out to friend's houses on his own (so he thinks), and swimming like a pro. Drew is busy eating, talking to anything (including lengthy conversations with the dog about heaven), and achieving his goal of anything Tyler can do I can do too. We had their birthday party this weekend. Tyler wanted to swim, Drew wanted a movie we did both! Dad made the best BBQ around and Lala and Papa H came into town to help celebrate! It definitely was a big weekend. Toy Story 3D, two Green Machines (thanks Lala and Papa H), RJ Goodies, BBQ, pool, projector, Mom & Pop-corn, party poppers, and glow in the dark necklaces...etc. Wow...what a party. :) God can You freeze time now?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surf's Up!

This is how Tyler came downstairs this morning. No shirt on and crazy wild hair. It made me laugh. He looked like a cool surfer kid. Of course, I let him walk around all day like this. :) Drew, naturally, wanted his picture taken too. He tried to make his hair stand up...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'They are boys...'

is what BJ keeps telling me. Yes, they certainly are. Besides already eating us out of house and home, they are now dragging in all sorts of critters. The below was most recent. {Affectionately named} Mr. Happy paid us a visit last weekend. After researching that you are NEVER to take a turtle from the wild (disease, etc) we decided they could have a morning pet as long as they didn't touch it. I came around the corner later that morning to see Tyler had decorated his shell with a turtle sticker he had was so funny. Mr. Happy has now been returned to the neighborhood pond where we daily acknowledge him.