Monday, June 29, 2009

No more spectator, now a team player!

T Ball with Drew

Fitting a hat!

Overboard excited!

A natural!!

A throwing pitch, but it looks like the Heisman...maybe someday :)

'My buddy's here!'
Serious about stretching

Swing batter, batter, batter!

Eyes on the batter while standing on first!

Run, run, run

Second base chat with daddy...

Running to third!

Look at that stance (he had a little bit of help)!

Future outfielders??

Working on grounders...

T-ball and he loved every minute of it!! Drew's been talking about soccer or t-ball since Tyler got to play this past season. With the 3 year birthday behind him (by a day) he got to be on his first team! He was pumped all day! He was even more excited once we got there to know a buddy on his team! It sure is complicated (good thing he has a patient coach), but Drew went to bed asking if he could play t-ball all day tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Best day, EVER'

Happy birthday boys...shaded tables for sitting was a must!

Getting the pool and slide ready for the party!

Me with the boys and Erin :)

Kelly came for the party...what an awesome friend!

Papa was the best host for the party...

T & I in the deep end!

Everyone swims when you are in Houston! Lala and T going for the deep end.

Boys cake...we do not recommend using sparklers...!

Daddy lighting the candles after the sparklers bombed. :) Even though Drew was huffing and puffing to blow them out.

Now we got it! Drew sneaking in to help T out!

Some RJ Goodies...can't beat their cakes!

All tuckered out, but of course Drew had to have T's new baseball gloves on!

It was a great party. You can't have enough water for an outside summer party in the heat of Houston. And since Drew wanted a waterslide party and Tyler wanted a pool party, we thought what the heck, why not have both! We hired our babysitter (who is a certified swim instructor) and let the kids run out their energy for 5 hours in the pool! They had a blast. Even though the sparklers ended up being a 'good idea with poor execution'...we managed to not start any fires or lose any hair (my grandmother's hair went up in smoke (fire) at Sarah's wedding when we used sparklers as they left the reception. We have a picture of one of our friend's literally jumping on her to put it out). So I guess I should have known better...word to the wise for anyone else attempting such an idea.
Thanks to all our great friends and their little ones for coming out and making it the best birthday yet!
We look forward to celebrating T's birthday on July 12th, same as Mimi's!

"Mommy, am I three yet?"

I thought he was so handsome when he was born!

6-28-06...8 lbs 13 oz of joy!

Tyler meeting his best buddy for the first time!


I loved his month old!!

My sweet little Drew is turning 3 tomorrow! Well, he's never been little, weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz, a week and a half before he was due and coming out 'sunny side' up... But since then he has always rode at the 98% percentile in weight. He has been a tremendous blessing to us. He's lovable, confident, protective, and the best little helper any mom could have. His personality is priceless, he's quick and easy to laugh, and he has one creative mind. We had his birthday party today, with Tyler, since T turns 4 in two weeks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun!

VBS 'Boom a rang Express'
'It all comes back to Jesus!'

Tyler doing the Bible pledge

Sarah and Kelly teaching the music

The kids singing and dancing

Lala and Papa H with Tyler at Rosa's (we always go here)

Drew waiting for the private chef dinner to arrive, so that we could surprise Lala and Papa H

Drew & Uncle Jeb

Jebo with Tyler

Happy 40th!!

My grandad lives in Midland...we stopped by to wish him happy father's day!

Sarah and I had an awesome time teaching VBS music to the little ones last week. It was so fun to watch little seeds of Truth develop and grow in these kids! Can't wait to do it again!

So Friday after VBS, the boys and I hopped into the car to pick up BJ in the galleria area for a busy father's day weekend. Midland was the destination (a 9 and a half hour drive, just over 500 km, one way)! But, BJ and his brother had planned a 'surprise' 40th anniversary dinner on Saturday evening. So sweet! The boys enjoyed their time in Midland though it flew by...

Friday, June 12, 2009

All good things come to an end...

Tyler with Kate on the 4 wheeler!

There he goes...hold on tight!

Drew...he looks so little

Oh Drew...keep your helmet on!

Uncle Phil playing with all the kids on the trampoline

Running off for Uncle Phil to catch them

Brooke & Drew just wanted to play checkers

Last night was the sleepover at the farm. Aunt Becky (my older sister) pulled down 4 twin mattresses and lined them up side by side in a room. She left one on the bed that Drew and I slept on. So I stayed with our 4 for the 'sleepless' sleepover...Brooke cried for the first 45 minutes, Tyler woke up screaming twice, and Drew fell off the bed 3 times landing on Aunt Becky's head. After about 2 hours of good sleep, Erin woke me at 5:30 ready to eat...
So by 9 am this morning, we had gone strawberry picking, taken a visit to the local renown taxidermist, and decided we needed early morning naps to make it through the day.
This evening we had a birthday party for all the summer birthdays...we have 6. It was a great way to end our awesome PA trip! That and a PA haircut.
And to answer a few questions about the farm...yes, my sister and her husband own the dairy farm (it's a family business he took over from his father). It's the largest in PA and in the top 5% producing/size in the country! A pretty awesome feat and so amazing to see.