Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet the Teach

Tonight was 'meet the teach' night for our preschool. Tyler and Drew were both excited to go! They have the greatest teachers there and they really love on my boys. Tyler's Kindergarten class was awesome. They had a scavenger hunt that moved from place to place in the classroom. It was clever and allowed me to see where the different centers are in the class. But it's going to be a challenge for mom. If. You. Are. Late. (even one minute) You. Have. To. Get. A. Tardy. Slip. From. The. Office. Wow. Glad a mom told me this, since I already had to ask the teacher what days we go to school. Such a slacker mom. :)
Drew was excited to get the teacher that he and Tyler will now have twice! He particularly loves her because she lets them play with shaving cream alot.
We have lots of buddies in each class so both boys are excited to start next week.
I decided to leave the camera at home (since BJ was unable to attend) so I snapped a few pics of them beforehand. To the end of summer!

Off to Private Kindergarten! We will put this summer baby into public Kinder next year! Love it, because I feel like I am buying a year with my boys. I don't think you can ever regret that! :)
The summer of...
silly bandz!!!!

Little Pre-Ker!

the sweet poser!