Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Haven't snapped a single pix of the boys in the last 3 months for obvious reasons to most. BUT, I did manage to capture a pix of our sweet, now 15 week old, puppy Asher. While I have never bought a thing off EBay (mainly because I just don't have the time to search)...this dog comes to us from EBay compliments of Lala and found by BJ. He's a good dog and will most likely be 60 lbs. A far cry from the last conversation I had with BJ...'yes honey, we can get another dog. Same size as the other ones.' The other ones, Conner and Kyser, were 22 lbs. Asher weighed in at 24 lbs at 13 weeks. A bigger than normal English Springer Spaniel...so I am told.
In other news, BJ is now bionic. He recently underwent ACL surgery to receive a donor ACL. He's hoping the donor was a stud soccer player and the ligament has retained memory. Ha! Let's just say, I think it's really cool that God gave man the knowledge to do such surgeries, grateful we have a surgeon that prays over him before entering the OR, and a donor out there that 'gave a life, save a life' by donating his/her ACL. Pretty neat that they gave us an address we can send a thank you card to so that it can be delivered to the family.
Oh, and if you thought it was other type of news...sorry to disappoint.