Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

It was Becky's birthday recently...and her mom planned an entire surprise birthday for her. It was a great time and we had lots of fun. Happy Birthday Becky. You are an amazing, funny, dear friend! Forgive us that we 'missed' your actual birthday...

Are you surprised???

The driver missed the front of her own limo...

Taking it to downtown

Where we ate great seafood. This bottle is her maiden name!

The special menu

Her cousin set it all up

Sarah and I

We love you!

Life with OUT them

We went to Dallas to meet Lala and Papa H (from Midland)
We got there a night early and stayed with Kelly

Thanks Kelly for letting us stay the night in your 'French la Maison'

They missed you the minute we pulled away (Tyler hiding from Kelly)!

BJ and I have missed the boys for the past couple of days. It's quiet, really quiet...and not busy! But I am not one to sit around! So after cleaning the house this morning and doing most of my projects yesterday with out them, I stopped to sit down and decided it was too quiet to sit alone in my house. I went for a run instead at 11:00 am. Normally, I would just about pass out from the heat, but today was not bad.
The boys at 'Camp Lala' spent the day doing 'A' things. They woke up having A-pplejack cereal and A-pples. Made a trip to Pet's Mart to see the A-quarium. Went to the fire station to see an A-mbulance, the list goes on. It's creative and fun and they love it! To top it off Lala always makes them 'Camp Lala' shirts! Tomorrow is B day.

Precious Prints Pottery

Robin is awesome. Not only are her pieces one of a kind, but I pretty much draw her a sketch and she can do it (even when she puts the prints on in a certain direction and I completely change it on her). Last year, she did the below fish plate with the boys foot prints. I wanted something that reminded me of the first scripture that the boys learned. And how perfect that God orchestrated it with this verse and brought it to my mind when I saw her last year...I love this plate.

So this year when she came to playgroup, I jumped on the opportunity! I have changed it about 3 times on her (as stated above), but I think what we came up with will be AMAZING and just what I want for a Christmas plate! Can't wait...check her out at

T's foot print

and his hand print

Drew's foot

and his hand...but it gives you an idea on how it starts!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life with them

Too cute Drew!

I gave them haircuts today...because I am never happy with the ones they get...

Took it short on T.

He looks a little funny...but it will grow out. :)

My little crew is leaving tomorrow for a week at Lala and Papa H's. It will be quiet around here and they will be missed! They are hilarious lately... Tyler has taken a keen interest into measurements. Asking 'do you want a little or a lot?' of whatever he's talking about. Or 'Drew, let's measure.' This is usually done with their spoons at dinner, but he has been known to measure a room with toilet paper. Drew is still creative! He is usually making something out of nothing, dragging random tools throughout the house fixing things, and lately putting much thought in to what he wants to take to show Lala. He is really interested in taking the 'laughing dog' to her (that she gave him) so that 'he can get it again from her.' Maybe it will find a new home...
And most often then not, if you can't find them, they are outside turning on the water hose or hiding under my bed doing something they shouldn't!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A best friend of the boys

My boys love this little man and are just like him! On the go, and all boy! My boys play chase with him, laugh (a lot) with him, and always want to know what he is doing today (so we can play with him). He flashed his sweet smile the whole time and was such a helper with his sister! Who is quite the doll and very impressive with her sitting abilities! She is as beautiful as mommy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little faces of B...growing up...

Little faces of B is now...

getting a little bit bigger!

Still has some awesome big brown eyes...

and a precious smile...

and perfect cheeks...

and great dark eyebrows...

with a toothless grin!

He's such a cutie! He's easy to smile and his eyes sparkle! I can't believe he's almost walking, almost got teeth, almost on the move! Watch out mom, he'll have the girls knocking down your door!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

and again...and again...and again...

He loves his Pooh blanket

There it is!

Doesn't want anyone to touch the band aid...

In the past 8 months, we have had broken bones for both boys, black or swollen eyes, countless bumps and bruises...yesterday we added...stitches! Like everyone, it's all hands on deck at the pool. Your role varies from mom, lifeguard, guardian of the gummies, and playmate. So after a fun outing at the local play pool, we decided to dry off at the park a few steps away. Who would have thought we would get hurt there?? No longer than 2 minutes into relaxing on the park bench, I heard little feet slip on the steep steps and 'bam!!' I almost missed it, but I turned to see Drew slip off and come chin down on the platform about 3 feet off the ground. It whipped his neck backwards and he fell to the ground on his back. Normally, it's 'you ok little man?' Not this time...his chin was split open like a walnut! Tissue and blood oozing out. Sarah tells me, 'I will watch Tyler' and 15 minutes later Drew and I, bathing suits and all, were walking into the ER. Awesome...because it's viciously cold in the ER anyway...wet suits just about made it unbearable. After 2 and half hours in the ER, not a single tear from Drew, some great pain meds, and 5 'clear' stitches later, Drew walked out asking me for a 'wrpee' (Slurpee) and if he could go back to the park and play with his friends! You are a champ dude, and praise be to God for watching over him....we are blessed to have nothing more than stitches, which he has enjoyed showing off today.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some hard working boys!

'The edger'...complete with buzzing lips!

Following every step of daddy's

Oh...this is where it's at!

In sync around the turns

Tyler finally joined in the fun

Mowing is an entertaining and fun activity at our house! And a great way for the boys to learn the value of hard work. Every time BJ gets out to mow the boys get excited. Maybe it's because daddy makes it fun by blowing them with the blower, letting them push it, and allowing them to stay completely under foot! Yet, Drew takes it to a whole new level. I have found him on more than one occasion dragging the toy mower into the house and pretending to cut the carpet. He usually wraps the cord of an old blow dryer around his shoulder, puts BJ's IPOD on, his sunglasses, and buzzes his lips as he 'edges' the base boards. So today, since the blow dryer was not handy, he gazed across the backyard and spotted the glass table. He tips it over, pulls off one of the two legs that criss-cross to make the stand and off he went! Following daddy for the entire time, buzzing and itching his nose from the grass! The thought of this activity never crossed his mind as a chore! Probably because it's the 'coolest thing ever to mow T-A-L-L grass!' Someday, dear Drew, you will not enjoy it as much.