Monday, March 30, 2009

1/2 Way 5K

...for James
His 'sisie'


This is James...

She is a busy, busy girl!

This is James and Adrianne. They are 14 months a part and bubble with energy and joy! They are infectious!

Come out and support him and his family this weekend, Saturday, April 4th for a '1/2 way 5K' at Barbara Bush Elementary in The Woodlands. Race starts at 8:30 am, followed by a light breakfast from Alden Bridge Chickfila!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kicking it in Conroe!

Cowboy up (Erin, Tyler & Drew)

Pony Rides for everyone

Erin checking out the pigs

Brooke with her 'D' watching the rodeo

Up close and personal

The view

Drew watching the show

Tyler's face during the show

Playing on the poles
Why drive into Houston for the rodeo??? The husbands, D (Watson Sr.), and I all spent the afternoon at the rodeo in Conroe. The kids loved every second of it, eating corn dogs, funnel cakes, and watching & riding animals. Tyler spent the afternoon telling me he loves me...which he does these days when he is happy. Which leads Drew to chime in 'you my special mommy in the whole wide world.' So cute!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Boys and their toys!

Drew and Issac (toy #1)
Tyler protecting Drew from the puppies

Drew's eyelashes

Loving on Conner & Kyser (toy #2 & #3)

Leave me alone

I was trying to get a shot of Drew's eyelashes, because people comment on them often. Yesterday, we went to the dentist. Last time, Drew screamed bloody murder the entire time. We had a 'growing up' moment, because not only did he do amazing, but he let them pick the tartar off the inside of his teeth. Anyway, back to the point...the lady could not believe his long lashes! They are awesome...too bad they are wasted on a boy.
And just so everyone knows...I will not have my new phone till Tuesday. So call the house or Sarah if you are looking for me! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home bound...

It's starting to flood...

It's rained the past couple of this is where Drew sits singing 'rain, rain go away. Come again some other day' between telling his baseball bat and ball he will play with them soon.

By the cell phone was accidentally put in the trash can while on vibrate at Potbellys today, so don't bother calling it. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I scream for ice cream!

Kinda shady

There he goes...

It's spring break, so why not! We were having a picnic lunch in the backyard when the music of the ice cream truck came through the trees. Dashing to the front yard, we saw his taillights. So sad...but fortunately, we live at the front of a circle so we knew he would be back around. We hung out with our sweet neighbors till the 'sugar' truck made it's way back. Funny, how they have never heard the ice cream truck before, but screamed for it by name when they heard the sound. Who teaches them this stuff??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

michael W smith

A 'free to all concert' sponsored by Chickfila
so we will 'eat mor chikin'
It all started with a hug...

The man...Michael W Smith

You wonder what they see (check out his reflection)

He has risen INDEED!

Growing up, it was Michael W Smith that I remember most when I think of music. Radio, church programs with his songs, and a visit at Kanakuk one year...his voice brings back my youth. So when Sarah called at 9 this morning after hearing he would be performing a 'Brown Bag' Chickfila event at noon, we jumped in the 2 cars with 5 kids and headed an hour to see him. We sat for 2 hours in the blazing sun before it started, but it was well worth it. Even the kids did well, till about 10 minutes into the concert. So that all could hear him, we decided after the first few songs to head out. If you don't know who he is...he just came out today with a new CD.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bluebonnet Hill

Tyler would not wear the pink shirt, because 'it's Erin's!'
Drew with spikey hair!
There is just something about bluebonnets...God's beauty or Texas pride, either way I love pictures in them. With a million people around and bees everywhere, the boys still managed to have a great time. Drew was running from the bees and Tyler was trying to catch a close look at one.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jewels in your crown!

They look so innocent! :)

Anyone else had a day like mine??

Morning...The boys made a 'paste' of Balmax and baby powder and coated 2 painted walls and the shower walls in their bathroom. Tyler then added the pump soap to it 'to make it smell better.' Q-tips were used to put 'the paste' on the bathroom floor. Sometime during this, they decided to fill the toilet with toilet paper... I opened the door to this mess, while they were trying to put the towel rack back on the wall that they had pulled off. Anyone ever tried to clean up Balmax?? It's like cleaning grease. Honestly, all this happens fast with two little ones in on it. But, SERIOUSLY. dogs have been on a diet for a year, and since then they get into EVERYTHING! While at the gym today, the dogs tipped over the trash can (that was full) and scattered trash through the dining room, down the hall to the boys room, and over to my bedroom. While I was cleaning this, the boys knocked over my mom's dog food (he is visiting for 2 weeks) and little pieces of food went all over the kitchen floor. SERIOUSLY. we bathed the boys the dogs attacked the trash again. It covered the laundry floor, but at least it was easy to clean! Now, we have moved the trash can to the garage. It's worth two more steps to not clean chewed on trash!
It was all topped off with 5 'doggie poops' and 1 pee on the carpet today...hate rainy days. The dogs already go the bathroom in the house, but it's much worse when it's raining.

So half kidding...2 dogs for sale...price, a good home. Guaranteed to poop and pee in your home, dig in your trash, and have ear infection after ear infection (yes, we spent $500.00 on them a week ago).
My mom's response to my day...jewels in your crown!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wet n' Wild

T hurdling the sprinkler!
Drew taking his time

T loved being in charge of the water

The water is still a bit cooooold!
This is what came in the house!

O-U-T-side is what it's all about...Papa brought over the sprinkler and the boys had a great time playing.
So as we put the boys to bed tonight...Drew hugs me and says 'You are a special mommy. I love you.' Tyler takes the more beneficial route saying 'will you scratch my back...will you sleep with me?'