Saturday, May 30, 2009


Older sister

Younger sister

These girls might as well be dolls (or models) they are so cute! They are 14 months a part and the best of friends! Hope your mommy and aunt enjoy the rest of these, as much as I enjoyed taking them!
I am off to Cabo tomorrow with my girls...YEAH!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Critters & Chats

Mommy gave Drew a haircut! Last time I tried he looked like a skater!
T-ball season...getting ready

Learning from daddy is such fun!
Meanwhile...Tyler is finding a friend...

and catches it...

and wants to keep it! Not today, little man!

Today we signed the boys up for their first t-ball season. Drew was so excited that he wanted to call his coach and tell him 'I'm ready for practice now.' I am constantly having to explain to him that it doesn't start till July...maybe I shouldn't have told him so early. But it's made him eager to practice and make his 'team win.' Sorry's Y play. They don't keep score.
Tyler, on the other hand, has mastered not only hitting off the tee but throwing the ball to himself and swinging. So tonight when Drew wanted to practice, Tyler was busy chasing a frog and looking through peep holes! We have a little girl behind us who asked Tyler his name through a hole in the fence. Tyler responded 'my name is Ty.' She must have heard me call him Tyler a million times, because she said 'did you say Tyler?' Confidently he said 'no, my name is Ty!!' I asked him who calls him Ty...'my gymnastics teacher' he said. Ah...he thinks it's cool to be Ty.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She did it!

This past weekend I traveled to my dear friend's destination wedding! It was an initmate, sweet wedding in the midst of the mountains. Congrats to them!! Thanks Kelly for sending over the pics...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Out 4 Summer

Drew's face here cracks me up! He's trying not to smile at me.

Drew he's smiling!

and Tyler is laughing! Got a big boo boo on his knee, but he was 'tough'


School's out for summer! I love it, cause when they are on a low key schedule, so am I! The boys and I are both looking forward to an easier summer than last year. With both of them knowing their limitations in the pool, and basically on the same skill's go go go for a fun summer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'AWANA' be a child of God!

The Commander (the leader of AWANA)

Receiving his award bag from Ms. Melanie

Tyler saying the bible pledge!

Tyler on the back row with the older class...he wanted to be middle center!

Tyler completed his first year of AWANA this past Sunday! For those that don't know, AWANA is a children's ministry designed to teach children to know, love and serve the Lord! And if your curious about the name it is derived from the first letter of the following:
'Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15 of the Bible.' So every Sunday at 4:30, Tyler and I have learned to memorize bible verses through crafts, games, story time, and puppet play! He has absolutely loved it and has made many friends.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going to the big D, and I do mean Dallas!

Ah...Lala arriving!

Prom pose...before the rehearsal dinner

The dance floor lights

Toasting after his brother's speech

The groom and some of his groom's men...BJ's one of them

A shot of, that never happens

so let's do it again. :)

Crazy, funny Sterling thinking this is awkward...
They had a photo booth that had props in it...hence the wig.

'He's a hard working man...' Taking a break to check the markets

'Lala a train is coming...'

Well...the Dart...

They love Lala

and are sad to see her go!

Fun weekend, one that makes you feel young again. We arrived in Dallas and literally handed the kids over to Lala. She was the center of their entertainment as she bounced them from visiting Uncle Jeb and Aunt Kay, to Target for toys, to the mall for some shopping, and nature walks. They had a blast and she allowed it so that we did too! Thanks for coming down and loving on the boys!

The wedding was one of BJ's good friends and it was fun to hang with them (and see Kelly too). Too many funny stories to tell... They are definitely the only guys I know that know the Baylor Line song...and oh yeah they sang it and did the 'sic 'em bears' as the bride and groom where leaving! So funny! But nothing was funnier than BJ's rehearsal dinner speech (can't share it here). :)

Slip n' Slide

All smiles :)
Not into it last year...couldn't get enough of it this year!

No assistance!!

While the pool is fun, the slide is a blast! Two summers ago, Sarah and I decided to go in on a slide so they could bounce and slide the way through the heat. Friday we popped it up for a playgroup. They got a 30 minute play in, before heading to Dallas for a wedding. The drive was spent talking about how their birthday should be together, be on the slide, and have pirates (Tyler) and dinosaurs (Drew)!

Monday, May 11, 2009

By the hair of his chinny chin chin...

Tyler's scrape from the pool

But it didn't slow him down! Practicing his swing for tee ball...check out how
fast those arms are moving!

Drew resting on 'home plate.' It's serious!
This is how Drew plays...'knock, knock, TIMBER!!' was only a scrape! We had a bit of an accident today at the pool. Hopefully it's our last, but due to their rough and daring personalities it's probably the first of many! Tyler was rushing in and out of the shallow end, jumping off the side. He slipped on the way out and his chin hit the edge of the pool! It really looked painful...and then blood started to drip! Little guy was tough and brave, and after a popsicle he was back in the pool. Drew was too funny...when Tyler got hurt, he ran out of the pool and just stood on the side, as if to say 'this is dangerous, I'm out.' Which is what he must have thought since he spent the rest of the day jumping into the pool with his 'boat.' The boat is his safety guy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

5 Stars!!!!!

Drew telling me 'Happy Mother's Day to you'

Tyler showing off his twisting skills

BJ's mother day dinner!

What an awesome day. The pastor started it off with how men are to honor and appreciate their wives as the example for their children. After that we had a swim picnic at Mimi and Papa's house. This evening BJ made a spectacular dinner for mother's day. He is an amazing cook, but tonight was 5 star quality...Peppercorn beef tenderloin in a brandy cream sauce with a side of parmesan corn bowtie (from scratch and with no recipe). SO GOOD!! Definitely missed his calling, but as I told him tonight, when he retires we will eat in slender! Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Now this is water you swim in!

Brooke in the beach entry! This entry is the best for this age!



Drew in the boat he didn't like to share

Crying while watching Brooke in the boat...

If it's warm enough for mommy to swim in Lake Woodlands, well by golly it's warm enough for the boys to swim in parents pool. They had a great long as they didn't have to share. The boys are really looking forward to the Woodlands 13 pools opening soon. Pre-season is this weekend for those that don't know. :) We got our passes, so call us if you are heading that way.