Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Proclaimed Overload of Pixs! with good reason!

It's a bad, bad sign when I have to type in my blog address...instead of it pulling up as I begin to type it! It's also a bad sign when I have to think (and try) different passwords to get in. And another bad sign when I get gently scolded by a friend for leaving a picture of a dog up for 2 granted it's been to long to try and back track and update my blog. But since this blog is the only thing that forces me to take pictures of my own kids...I am going to pick up with this past weekend. After all, it was the best day ever (repeatedly) by my kids.

We had not told the boys anything about a trip till the night before. We asked them what is the best thing ever and Drew said camping. So till we got to the airport that is what they thought they were doing. Drew packed the car with latex gloves, 2 flag football belts, a football, rubber boots, and a swifer duster. All things needed for a great campout according to Drew. We got to the airport announced we were not going camping but in fact going to DisneyWorld! And as we landed and walked out...another surprise...Lala was joining us on the trip! We surprised Lala with the trip a couple weeks out as an early birthday trip! Happy Birthday Lala! So now for an overload of pictures! Best decision ever...left the monster camera at home and went with the regular Rebel camera and got to enjoy being just a regular camera picture taker!! So nice!!!

So excited as we pulled up!!

Still excited...

Kinda getting tired of waiting to get in...

Really tired of waiting to go play in DisneyWorld! Ha! Have to stop for a pix opp!

Enough already! Let's go ride!

Ok! Off to Drew's favorite!
You have to do 'it's a small world after all'....

Hours of walking...
Lots of laughter!
The only characters they saw! The 3:00 parade. They did not want/care to wait in lines for 'someone dressed in costume'! Really already!?!
Get me out of here!!!
But wait one last ride of the day...the wet ride!! Splash Mtn! Gotta love it!
20 mintues in the hotel and off to Medieval Times! BEST THING EEEVVVEEERRR!!!!

You are assigned a knight to cheer for...and watch a Hollywood staged tournament! With all the fun!

Lala decked them out to cheer for their RED knight!

The banquet hall.

Seriously!! Front row! So exicted since it's a 15 min drive from our hotel and it took us an hour to find it!! Kid you not!!
Boys loved the horses! And are ready to be a knight for Halloween!

Lala really did get everything in sight! BOYS loved it! Flashing bracelets and swords! Ah...the love!
A falcon soarded thru the place to get it started!
Staged 'real' fighting! Sparks came off their swords!
A 'real' Hollywood staged joust! Joust splitting into pieces!
The rest of the night looked like this! Gotta say...went to dinner here in college! It's nothing like going back with your kids! There is one in Dallas if anyone is curious!
Next day...Hit another park. Jumped into a show...

If anyone knows anything about Drew...he loves tools! Constantly working on his jeep and flipping it upside down and fixing it. SO when Handy Manny came on...

this is what he did!!

Headed to the Tower of Terror!

Lala is just the coolest thing ever!! We opted out of our arranged character dinners/lunches and hit ride after ride after ride!!

Dad enjoyed that it was ESPN weekend! Which brought the crowds...but some awesome faces everywhere! Here's Tim Tebow. We could walk right up and listen.

The Toy Story ride! Drew dresses as Buzz daily so this was a BIG deal!

That's all folks!


Lacey said...

What a great trip and great memories!!! Can't wait to take my kiddos!

Lipe Family said...

Looks like a blast!

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